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Since the anciet years, olive oil has been used to cover several needs. Lesvos is connected with the production of extra virgin olive oil and other products which come from olive trees since those eras. The whole island is covered with plenty of olive trees which compose an enormous olive grove. The unique and tastefull olive oil had been for the citizens of the island the most productive source of money for years.

ADRAMITINI is the name of the olive tree from which LESVIO comes from. Olea european var. Media subrotunda. It is mostly cultivated in Mitilini. Also known as AIVALIOTIKI, KASDAGLITTISA, MITILINIA. Its origins are from Asia Minor. It is cultivated in grounds of moderate fertility. It is viable in 500-600 meters height. It has moderate resistance to cold and its height reaches to 6-8 meters. Its leaves are moderate, stiff, narrow, glossy top surface. The fruit looks like an acorn and its colour from yellow becomes red throughout its maturation to end up black. Its average weight is 3-4 and matures at November –December. The content of this variety of olive oil reaches to 22-25%. The olive oil which comes from ADRAMITINI olive tree is known for its fluid flow, its excellent aroma and its unique golden-yellow colour.