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Average compotition of fatty acids:

Monounsaturated oleic acid 78-83%

Essential polyunsaturated linoleic acid 6-9%

Saturated palmitic acid 8-15%

Stearic acid 1.5-3%

Vitamin E: average nutritional value during production:

100gr of olive oil contain 19Kg of vitamine E.

The physical presence of vitamin E, which plays important role as a nutritious and natural antioxidant, the important presensce of monounsaturated fats and their balaced coexistance with essential polyunsaturated make olive oil a product which we must prefer and choose.

Naturally low in cholesterol, olive oil has less harmful and more beneficial properties comparing to other vegetable oils. It is not only tasteful but also one of the most important factors of the known as Mediterranean diet. Fats and oils are the major  factors in a balanced diet.  Olive oil is digestible and can be fast and completely absorbed by human body. In addition, traces of components, such as chlorophyll, help in this process and the aroma and taste inflame the appetite, one more assistant to the digestive system. The circulatory system is helped by a diet based on olive oil, by lowering the danger of atherosclerosis and ither circulatory  diseases. Unsaturated fats which constitute the olive oil not only do not contain cholesterol but it is proven that they lower the colesterol levels on the human body.