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Lesvio was named after its origins as it comes from the olive groves of Lesvos.

ADRAMITINI olive tree which can be found in very few places around the world, the soil and climatic conditions in the north side of the island of Lesvos, make Lesvio unique and able to stand out for its golden-yellow color, intense aroma, smooth taste and its fluid flow .

Extra virgin olive oil LESVIO has an organoleptic rating  equal or higher than 6.5 and its free acidity expressed in oleic acid is at most 0.6 gr per 100 gr of olive oil.

The olives from which extra virgin olive oil comes from are chosen not to have defects or injuries. They outstand because their organoleptic properties are ecxellent with a characteristic ftuity taste.

Regarding the way of extract, this category’s oil is a  result of  cold crushing of the fruit with no other maschining.

Its colour is golden-yellow.